The Belize zoo was first created in 1981 when Sharon Matola came to Belize with National geography. The purpose of their trip was to do research all the cats in Belize. After they were done with their research, Matola had several animals in her backyard. She then charged $1 to go and see the animals and to feed them and she then came with the idea to open a Zoo. The Belize Zoo opens its door in 1983 with local animals that roam the Belizean tropical forest. That same year the Belize zoo open door to its Education research center. A tour at the beautiful Belize zoo can be book at arrival to Belize or at the departure of the country. It is a must-see while in Belize. Belize is home to a wide range of wildlife with the only Jaguar reserve in the region. These large cats were once heavily hunted for their prize skin and now protected by law.

belize zoo

Our national animals and tree are as follows: The Tapir, largest wildlife you will find in our rain-forest. The Keel bill Toucan which is very colorful but rear in Belize. The mahogany tree is our national tree which was once at the heart of our history. It is still a prized wood in Belize for its bright red-like coloration. The black-orchid is one of the most spectacular flowers you will see in Belize. It was once harvested for international orchid farms. While in Belize ask to see some of this beauty of the Country.

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