The Macal River is one of the most amazing rivers in Belize. It has a rich part of the logging history of Belize. Most of the early settlers to Belize use to use our waterways as transport. The Macal River started its journey from the Mountain Pine Ridge, into the Mopan River to form the Belize River. The river aquatic life is so beautiful. It is a must enjoy experience especially on those warm days in Belize.

Kayaking or Canoeing Detail

Float on the Scenic Macal River for 3 miles to a Mayan Village, where we then do a short hike to small water for a refreshing swim. Birds & iguanas are quite abundant on this tour. This Tour is a ½ day tour.

Come enjoy the fast running water of the Mopan River. Along the way, you will experience at first-hand wildlife like small mammals, birds, iguana, beautiful flora and fauna and more. Belize is so unspoiled and there is now a better time to see it all than now. Hence, don’t fear book that trip of a lifetime with us.

Kayaking or Canoeing Itinerary

Tour starts off at 8:00 A.M from San Ignacio. We do drive for 30 min, where we get into either singles or double kayaks for a 2 ½ hour float on the Scenic Mopan River. Tour gets back on San Ignacio at 12:00 P.M (class 3)

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