At the dawn of the Maya Classic era, Tikal was once the most important cities in the Maya region. It is located in the Petén area of Guatemala and one hour and a half drive from Belize’s Western Border. In 378, the ruling Tikal dynasty was replaced by representatives of the mighty northern city of Teotihuacan: it is unclear if the takeover was military or political. Other than a change in the royal family, this does not seem to have altered Tikal’s rise to prominence.

Soon Tikal was the dominant city in the region, controlling several other smaller city-states. Warfare was common, and sometime in the late sixth century, Tikal was defeated by Calakmul, Caracol, or a combination of the two, causing a gap in the city’s prominence and historical records. Tikal bounced back, however, once again becoming a great power. Population estimates for Tikal at its peak vary: one estimate is that of respected researcher William Haviland, who in 1965 estimated a population of 11,000 in the city center and 40,000 in the surrounding areas.

Tikal Temples Tour Detail

Enjoy a nice picturesque drive to Guatemala and have the expert guides of Explore Inland Tours bring Tikal back to life on your tour. Enjoy a 4 hour guided tour through the deep breathtaking jungle of Tikal. walking in the path of the Mayans

A Review of our Tikal Temples Tour from Trip advisor

Xplorer Tours is the new name

We hired the former Destiny Tours Company to take us into Guatemala to se Tikal, the Mayan ruins site. It was amazing! Wilbur was our guide. Words cannot describe the knowledge and wisdom he passed on to us about the Mayans. I would highly recommend taking the whole day to visit this site.

Not only did we see ruins, but we saw wildlife, nature, and spectacular views. This was the highlight of our trip to San Ignacio by far! The tour company took care of the transportation, border crossing, lunch, and tour guide.

Tikal Temples Tour Itinerary

  • Pick up at 6:30 A.M from your Hotel or our downtown office.
  • Drive for 15 minutes to the Belize/Guatemala Border.
  • After Border process is completed, there is a 1 hr 45 min drive to the site.
  • After arriving at the site, there is a 4 hr guided tour of the site.
  • After the guided tour, there is a 45 min drive to a Local Guatemalan Restaurant.
  • There is a 3-course lunch to be served after lunchtime will be given for shopping.
  • After shopping, there is a 1 hr 45 min drive back to the Belize/Guatemala Border.
  • After the border process is complete, there is a 15 min drive to your hotel


Tikal Tour departures from San Ignacio at 6:30 a.m and arrives back at 4:00 p.m

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