Belize Shuttle & Transfers

They are a couple of ways you can get around Belize, take a local flight, rent a car, take the bus, and finally take a shuttle (private or shared transfer). We believe that taking a private or shared transfer is the best option for anyone with a little time of their hand or isn’t feeling jet leg.

Explore Inland Tours offers both private and shared shuttle transfers to any destination to and from San Ignacio Town. Book a transfer and tour to make the trip even more adventures. Our driver will be sure to point places or sites of interest, give a brife history of the country. Stop along the way is also possible, as you may wanna see some of the beautful places, your driver may offer to take you to.

If you’re looking for a shuttle from Belize City to Hopkins, or need information on how to get from San Ignacio to San Pedro. Contact us today, we are here to help and answer any question you may have.

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