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Explore Inland Tours top the list of tour companies in San Ignacio, offering a wide variety of sites, attractions, and other things to do in the area.

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At Explore Inland Tours, we arrange and conduct each of our tours personally to bring you the very best that Belize has to offer. Our tours are based on two guest minimum occupancy.

We specialize in Cave Exploration, Mayan (archaeological) Site visits and history, Zip-lining, spectacular scenery, sinkholes, and many more.

Explore Inland Tours (Destiny Tours) believe there is no better way to see Belize than on a small group tour that allows for better interaction with each guest to experience at first hand the wonders of this jewel, we call Belize.

Your master guide Sergio Paiz is sure to amaze you during your guide tour, as he is very knowledgeable and experienced in this area.


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Why stay and tour in San Ignacio?

San Ignacio is more of a jungle, inland town that is one of the more tourist-friendly towns and it is a relatively short drive away from the beautiful beaches of Belize.

The town is renowned for its close proximity to Belize’s famous Mayan ruins, as well as a hub for outdoor activities including Caving, Zip Lining, Canoeing, Horseback Riding, and more. It is also one of the last towns in Belize before entering Guatemala, where many visitors go to visit the Tikal Mayan Temples.

San Ignacio has a variety of restaurants keeping longer hours than in many other towns and is the biggest town close to Guatemala, from where many tourists enter and exit Belize, the city has quite a lot of accommodation relative to its size and attractions. Travellers are sure to find a wide range of hotels, lodges, and resorts.

Private Transfers and Tours

Travelling to the western part of Belize, you may want to take a shuttle.

A Shuttle offers you a unique way of seeing Belize, as it will certainly be a private shuttle you can request to make a stop along the way, or do tours if you arrive in the country early enough.

We at Explore Inland Tours can certainly accommodate your needs with our excellent shuttle service and amazing tour arrangement.

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