The Mountain Pine Ridge is the largest reserve area in Belize with approximately 1,504,000 acres. The Pine Ridge has a mixture of Honduras Pine, broadleaf forest and low grassland. This Tropical forest is home to some macaw parrot, tapir, jaguar, and much other wildlife. The only Jaguar reserve in the world is part of the Mountain Pine Ridge. In addition, the pine ridge beautiful crystal clear water spring, caves, rivers and many more. Caracol which is believed to be the largest Mayan site in Belize is on the very edge of the Mountain Pine Ridge.

Mountain Pine Ridge Tour Itinerary

Tour starts from San Ignacio at 8:30 A.M we do drive for 1 hour 15 min through a beautiful Pine forest to our first stop, which is the Rio Frio Cave, where we explore for 45 min. We then drive for 20 min to the Rio-on pools where we have lunch & swim in the natural granite pools. We spend about 1 ½ hour. There, the last stop is 20 minutes’ drive from there, at the Big Rock Waterfalls, where we spend 1-hour swimming under an 80-foot waterfall. Tour gets back to San Ignacio at 5:00 p.m.

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We have taken tours with Sergio 2 years running and rate them highly. They are pricey (as are all tours out of San Ignacio) but worth it. Knowledgeable guides and great service from Sergio homself.

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