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Belize ATM Cave

ATM cave is well worth it if you are adventurous and don’t mind being wet in a cave for hours. The natural beauty, as well as the Mayan history, makes the trip something special.

It takes about an hour of travel into the cave with the guide informing about Mayan use of the cave, any artefacts and geology. At some point, you reach areas rich with artefacts and skeletal remains. In the end, you need to climb a ladder about 10 feet to see the chamber with a pretty complete skeleton of a Mayan sacrifice almost 1000 years ago.

inside belize ATM Cave
Belize Adventures at Caracol Ruins

Caracol Mayan ruins

This Mayan site is special because although there are some well restored buildings. The immensity of the site itself and the obvious but still covered buildings makes it very evocative of the size and importance of this site.

The site itself is fantastic and includes the biggest Mayan pyramid/temple in Belize. it is a massive structure with a plaza at the top where the king lived. It also contains the tombs of numerous kings and elites. visitors are allowed to climb the steps to the top of the temple. The view from the top across the plaza and over the surrounding forest is breathtaking.

xunantunich and Cahal Pech

Xunantunich is a short distance from San Ignacio, the site is accessed by crossing a river on a small ferry. This Mayan site was first opened to the public in 1954. Climbing to the top of the pyramid “El Castillo”, which, at 130 feet is the second-highest in Belize, is permitted.

Cahal Pech ruins are hidden within the jungle vegetation and are breathtakingly beautiful. Climb and explore these ruins fully, as there are many sets of stairs, hallways, small rooms, and passageways.

cahal pech ruins
tikal temples guatemala

Tikal temples

At the heart of the Guatemalan rain forest, surrounded by lush vegetation and wild animals, you will find the iconic “Tikal”, the largest archaeological site and urban centre of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization.

It is situated within the limits of the “Tikal National Park”, an area of 575 square km in Northern Guatemala’s “Departmento de El Petén”. It comprises over 3,000 “already” unearthed buildings and is believed to have been inhabited, from the 6th century BC to the 10th century AD, by a population of over 90,000 persons.

Barton creek cave

This is an amazing experience which the whole family can enjoy. Whilst the cave is the darkest place. The headlamps provided are high powered, children seem to love being in charge of them. This is a very atmospheric place and the guide provided a lot of interesting information.

This cave was a Mayan ceremonial site where human sacrifice was carried out, so on top of the amazing cave formations, the cave contains artefacts and human remains.

barton creek cave belize
Mountain Pine Ridge

Mountain Pine Ridge

Mountain Pine Ridge – untapped, uncrowded and natural beautiful. Getting to mountain pine ridge is not the easiest, but once there the drive becomes all worth it. You get to enjoy nature in all its splendour as you are surrounded by lush pine forest. It’s a nature lovers paradise. Your day is consumed by going on nature hikes, birding and chasing waterfalls

Horseback Riding

Horse lovers should not miss a tour with us as we take you through fields, trails and Mayan sites on a horse.  We have horse rides that suit all age groups.

It is a fun fill half-day on horseback through spectacular scenery, river crossing and even running for the enthusiast.

Belize Adventures F.A.Q.

Feel free to ask questions when booking a tour, we will list the most asked questions here.

Belize is safe for anything type of adventures. Enjoy both the resort and locals, while visiting many wonderful tropical attractions.
They are 12 major Mayan sites you can visit when in Belize. the number of individual ruins is vast, and is listed when visiting a site museum. Mayan ruins includes: Caracol, Xunantunich, Lamanai, Cahal Pech, Nim Li Punit, Altun Ha, and Tikal nearby in Guatemala
Yes, this tour is possible from Belize city, you can either book directly with us or other tour operators. The price is a bit higher than a regular tour from San Ignacio/